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About Us

We believe all teens deserve the chance to build a brighter future, and we know dogs can help them get there. Through our programs, we aim to make a difference in the lives of teens and their families, one dog at a time.

Our Mission

Who We Are

We are a non-profit that utilizes the power of the dog-human bond to empower teens, create opportunities for their personal growth while aiding in developing emotional and psychological resiliency, empathy, leadership, and philanthropic impact.

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What We Do

As dedicated advocates for personal development, leadership, and philanthropy, we facilitate a dog-centric program designed to engage and inspire teens through the transformative power of dogs.


The journey begins with a two-day retreat workshop infused with activities and instruction introducing them to success principles,leadership, and financial literacy.  Guided by experienced mentors and surrounded by the joyful energy of dogs, teens will begin an empowering journey to “fetch a life they love”.


We help teens “unleash their potential” through the Science of Success.  Over the duration of an 8 weeks, participants will meet once per week and engage in our comprehensive curriculum, crafted to equip teens with the mindset needed to thrive.  Through the lens of dogs, we explore the principles of reliance, determination, effective goal setting, and growth mindset, unlocking the secrets to achieving greatness. Teens will also gain knowledge in financial literacy to be better prepared for life in the “real world”.


We inspire teens to make a difference as they collaborate on a philanthropic projectfor animal welfare. They will learn they can do big things and use newfound skills and passion to make an impact in the world. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Develop confident, empowered future leaders of impact.


Our mission is to reduce teen stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide while positively impacting animal welfare. Utilizing the power of the dog-human bond, we seek to build teen confidence, develop their resiliency to the challenges of adolescence, empower them to design a fulfilling life, and create opportunities for positive impact in their communities.

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Our Vision

We see a future where 1 million teens change the way they see the world and impact 1 million dogs in the process.


We see global impact through the reach of BOLO Project “Packs” in every state nationwide.


We see a movement of inspired teens who are living lives they love and positively impacting the world around them.


We see a future where teens are empowered with knowledge that implementation of core success principles will shape their life experience, that financial literacy will help them make responsible decisions, and that contribution to something greater than themselves does make a difference.

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